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Introducing me. . .

Hi all, I'm Rebecca, and I'm a chant addict, no really, right now my mp3 player is full of ones I know and don't know (so I can know them) and I have binders full of music/lyrics for Pagan chant and songs. . .

One of my favorite chants that I've not seen mentioned here is a Reclaiming chant (recorded on Second Chants) called Awakenings

If I touch you I will know you
though my veil be drawn your glowing
in my mind and soul and body

Serpentine music has a clip of it. I think its a wonderful chant, a reminder that the Mother is aware and watching us, even when we don't see Her.

Currently I'm trying to find as many different chants that work with the Goddess medley (Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna) for a perfomance next month. We're going to be doing Charlie Murphy's Burning Times (among other Pagan songs) and want to go from there into some chants, We're already planning on "We all come from the Goddess" "Hoof and Horn" and "We are an Old People"

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