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Moon Chants from the NeoPagan Tradition

Today at the UUFS, I lead a service on Lunar Chants that my coven uses in their rituals, and it went very very well! There were over 20 people attending, which is great for a summer service!  Using the music that J created on garage band, I selected 8 chants, focusing on the Moon theme, to share with the UU members. I arranged them together as if for a ritual, and used the chants to explain and describe the parts of a Wiccan ritual.  Knowing that singing can be kind of intimidating, I started with some simple Ohms to warm us up. Before and after the chants I talked about what some of the phrases referred to,  and the function of the chant.  The UU members had many questions that we discussed, and it was a simple way to introduce to them what our rituals are about, and it worked very well! I was delighted to be joined by A and H, who also were a great help in answering questions!  On the lyrics hand out, I included a link to I's chant archive and also to which one of the best explinations of wicca online that I have found.  I also encouraged members to check out our "Dream Who's Time Has Come" CD, which is for sale there.  More than a few people commented on how upbeat and positive the chants were and expressed an interest in attending a Wiccan Full Moon Ritual.  I'm going to aproach the UU's Board to see if I can schedule a Full Moon ritual at the UUFS this fall!  Here are the chants I included....

One Spirit (UU)

One spirit in the dark,

Like a candle wavers,

Many spirits joined as one

Burn with the power of the blazing sun,

There is strength in community,

A Fellowship  Empowering you and me,

We give our thanks for our diversity,

By the Chalice Flame

So Mote It Be!

Written by PJ Seale, arranged by Liz La Posta

Air Moves Us

Air Moves Us

Fire Transforms Us

Water Shapes Us

Earth Heals Us

And the Balance of the Wheel

Goes Round and Round

And the Balance of the Wheel

Goes Round

Written by Cathleen, Moonsea and Prune


Call To the Moons

Dark Moon,

We Hear You Call Us

Bright Moon,

We Call Your Name

Crescent Moon,

We Sing With You

Crescent Moon,

We Sing With You

Written by Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Only Change

There is No End

Nor Beginning

There is Only Change

Written by Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Full Moonlight Dance

Under the Full Moon Light

We Dance

Spirits Dance

We Dance,

Joining Hands

We Dance,

Joining Souls Rejoice

Written by Karen Beth

Moon Oh Come Into Us

Moon Oh Come Into Us

Let Your Power Dance

Waxing, Waning, Shifting,

Time and Tide Entrance

Luna by Your Turning

Spin the Web We Weave,

Magick We are Making As We Circle Dance

Written by Ivo Dominguez Jr.

The Pleiades Chant

There’s a part of the Sun

In an apple

There’s a part of the

Moon in a Rose

A part of the flaming


In every leaf that grows

Written by Bone Blossom


May the Circle be Open

May the Circle be Open

But Unbroken

May Love of the Goddess

Be ever in your hearts

Merry meet

And merry part

And merry meet again

Author Unknown


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