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"Awakening The Dream" CD

"Awakening The Dream"
23 Original Chants And Songs For Rituals And Devotional Ceremonies

Available Now! Retail & Wholesale

Lovingly Created Under A Full Moon Amidst The Forest Of Seelie Court By The Assembly Of
The Sacred Wheel

48 minutes And 14 Seconds Of Magic, Mystery, And Bliss For $19

For More Information Or To Purchase As A CD or Download Go To:

This CD Is A Fundraiser For The New Alexandrian Library Project

The Tracks:

Still Of The Sun - Beat Of Beltane - Through The Veil Of Night
Sweet Water, Warm Sun - Hella's Gate - Belisama Belenos
Open And Clear - Fire Soul's Desire - Gate Keepers Three
Promise Of Green - Shining Self Arise - Harvest Time
Herne Hunter Of Souls - Lugh Lamhfada - Moon Oh Come Into Us
Lady Of The Winter Night - Naught Shall Pass - There Is No End
Osiris Lives - Seven Sacred Shining Ones - Step Lightly Step
Sun Beyond the Sun - Io Evohe

Our first CD "A Dream Whose Time Is Coming" is also still available.
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