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Don't panic, the website isn't really gone... it moved! The new chant page can be found at www.lorelei-greenwood.com. Yahoo Geocities ceased to exist, so I had to redesign and move my page. New MP3s of chants coming soon, and if you don't see a particular chant listed, let me know and I'll add it!

"Awakening The Dream" CD

"Awakening The Dream"
23 Original Chants And Songs For Rituals And Devotional Ceremonies

Available Now! Retail & Wholesale

Lovingly Created Under A Full Moon Amidst The Forest Of Seelie Court By The Assembly Of
The Sacred Wheel

48 minutes And 14 Seconds Of Magic, Mystery, And Bliss For $19

For More Information Or To Purchase As A CD or Download Go To:

This CD Is A Fundraiser For The New Alexandrian Library Project

The Tracks:

Still Of The Sun - Beat Of Beltane - Through The Veil Of Night
Sweet Water, Warm Sun - Hella's Gate - Belisama Belenos
Open And Clear - Fire Soul's Desire - Gate Keepers Three
Promise Of Green - Shining Self Arise - Harvest Time
Herne Hunter Of Souls - Lugh Lamhfada - Moon Oh Come Into Us
Lady Of The Winter Night - Naught Shall Pass - There Is No End
Osiris Lives - Seven Sacred Shining Ones - Step Lightly Step
Sun Beyond the Sun - Io Evohe

Our first CD "A Dream Whose Time Is Coming" is also still available.

Moon Chants from the NeoPagan Tradition

Today at the UUFS, I lead a service on Lunar Chants that my coven uses in their rituals, and it went very very well! There were over 20 people attending, which is great for a summer service!  Using the music that J created on garage band, I selected 8 chants, focusing on the Moon theme, to share with the UU members. I arranged them together as if for a ritual, and used the chants to explain and describe the parts of a Wiccan ritual.  Knowing that singing can be kind of intimidating, I started with some simple Ohms to warm us up. Before and after the chants I talked about what some of the phrases referred to,  and the function of the chant.  The UU members had many questions that we discussed, and it was a simple way to introduce to them what our rituals are about, and it worked very well! I was delighted to be joined by A and H, who also were a great help in answering questions!  On the lyrics hand out, I included a link to I's chant archive and also to www.wiccaforbeginners.com which one of the best explinations of wicca online that I have found.  I also encouraged members to check out our "Dream Who's Time Has Come" CD, which is for sale there.  More than a few people commented on how upbeat and positive the chants were and expressed an interest in attending a Wiccan Full Moon Ritual.  I'm going to aproach the UU's Board to see if I can schedule a Full Moon ritual at the UUFS this fall!  Here are the chants I included....

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I am so excited to find this group! I have been collecting chants for years, and have quite a few in my Word file of chants, but I am *always* looking for more. I love ritual music. I love the way singing can bring a group of people together, and how the right chant can direct and focus the energy  and help create groupmind that no amount of talking or discussion beforehand can do. I love the way music speaks directly to the soul and the subconscious. 

I am not a musician, nor do I have an amazing voice, but I was raised on Girl Scout campfire songs, church choir, and by a mother who loved to sing. Singing has always meant community and fellowship to me. :)

Does anyone have a chant for letting go of a pet who's passed on?

I lost my kitty, Lovey, this past Sunday, and just can't seem to let her go the way I should. She was such a special girl, and all of us are lost without her. I still see her everywhere, and my other cat is pretty depressed, as are my son and I. I just can't get my mind around a chant for release. Or maybe I just don't want to let her go, which isn't right or good for her. Any suggestions?
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Silver  Salamander

NROOGD has established a BB

Please send the following to everyone even remotely interested in NROOGD contact again.

USE THIS LINK AND REGISTER STOP http://nroogd.hyperboards.com

If I'm not totally wrong - there'll be a section for chants and such
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