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22nd November 2009

ms_lorelei10:24pm: Don't panic, the website isn't really gone... it moved! The new chant page can be found at www.lorelei-greenwood.com. Yahoo Geocities ceased to exist, so I had to redesign and move my page. New MP3s of chants coming soon, and if you don't see a particular chant listed, let me know and I'll add it!

8th October 2008

morningdove32021:55pm: "Awakening The Dream" CD
"Awakening The Dream"
23 Original Chants And Songs For Rituals And Devotional Ceremonies

Available Now! Retail & Wholesale

Lovingly Created Under A Full Moon Amidst The Forest Of Seelie Court By The Assembly Of
The Sacred Wheel

48 minutes And 14 Seconds Of Magic, Mystery, And Bliss For $19

For More Information Or To Purchase As A CD or Download Go To:

This CD Is A Fundraiser For The New Alexandrian Library Project

The Tracks:

Still Of The Sun - Beat Of Beltane - Through The Veil Of Night
Sweet Water, Warm Sun - Hella's Gate - Belisama Belenos
Open And Clear - Fire Soul's Desire - Gate Keepers Three
Promise Of Green - Shining Self Arise - Harvest Time
Herne Hunter Of Souls - Lugh Lamhfada - Moon Oh Come Into Us
Lady Of The Winter Night - Naught Shall Pass - There Is No End
Osiris Lives - Seven Sacred Shining Ones - Step Lightly Step
Sun Beyond the Sun - Io Evohe

Our first CD "A Dream Whose Time Is Coming" is also still available.

15th August 2007

capt_kitty3:46pm: Infringement on Beliefs?
Chanting, bonfire lead police to woman's backyardCollapse )

Whats everyones opinion on this? I'm honestly not too sure WHAT to think of it.

29th July 2007

morningdove32024:07pm: Moon Chants from the NeoPagan Tradition
Today at the UUFS, I lead a service on Lunar Chants that my coven uses in their rituals, and it went very very well! There were over 20 people attending, which is great for a summer service!  Using the music that J created on garage band, I selected 8 chants, focusing on the Moon theme, to share with the UU members. I arranged them together as if for a ritual, and used the chants to explain and describe the parts of a Wiccan ritual.  Knowing that singing can be kind of intimidating, I started with some simple Ohms to warm us up. Before and after the chants I talked about what some of the phrases referred to,  and the function of the chant.  The UU members had many questions that we discussed, and it was a simple way to introduce to them what our rituals are about, and it worked very well! I was delighted to be joined by A and H, who also were a great help in answering questions!  On the lyrics hand out, I included a link to I's chant archive and also to www.wiccaforbeginners.com which one of the best explinations of wicca online that I have found.  I also encouraged members to check out our "Dream Who's Time Has Come" CD, which is for sale there.  More than a few people commented on how upbeat and positive the chants were and expressed an interest in attending a Wiccan Full Moon Ritual.  I'm going to aproach the UU's Board to see if I can schedule a Full Moon ritual at the UUFS this fall!  Here are the chants I included....

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11th June 2007

faedaughter4:50pm: HI!!!!

I am so excited to find this group! I have been collecting chants for years, and have quite a few in my Word file of chants, but I am *always* looking for more. I love ritual music. I love the way singing can bring a group of people together, and how the right chant can direct and focus the energy  and help create groupmind that no amount of talking or discussion beforehand can do. I love the way music speaks directly to the soul and the subconscious. 

I am not a musician, nor do I have an amazing voice, but I was raised on Girl Scout campfire songs, church choir, and by a mother who loved to sing. Singing has always meant community and fellowship to me. :)

8th March 2007

gwolfsong1:49pm: Does anyone have a chant for letting go of a pet who's passed on?
I lost my kitty, Lovey, this past Sunday, and just can't seem to let her go the way I should. She was such a special girl, and all of us are lost without her. I still see her everywhere, and my other cat is pretty depressed, as are my son and I. I just can't get my mind around a chant for release. Or maybe I just don't want to let her go, which isn't right or good for her. Any suggestions?
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31st August 2006

memyslfni9:30pm: NROOGD has established a BB
Please send the following to everyone even remotely interested in NROOGD contact again.

USE THIS LINK AND REGISTER STOP http://nroogd.hyperboards.com

If I'm not totally wrong - there'll be a section for chants and such
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11th August 2006

memyslfni9:19pm: Pronunciation of Goddess and God names
Hello everybody,

I'm new to the group and absolutely love chants. I am not as talented as some of you obviously are, but I am very good at using the talent of others ;-)

Here is my question about pronunciation (in a round about way):
I am from Germany, and more times than not, people will slaughter the pronunciation of my name. I find that horrible, especialy from the ones that I know closely.
Consequently, I also attempt to pronounce the names of the Goddesses and Gods appropriately (not always successfull). In writing your chants, do you stick with the American pronunciation of names and places, or do you add in the original way of saying it? And if you have played with the idea, have you found there to be a difference in the way the energy moves?
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16th February 2006

solar_corrin8:45pm: Intro
Hello all!
I am new to this group. I am the Solar High Priestess of Celestial Wisdom of Michigan. Our Coven has been using the same three chants over and over again. I like our chants, but we are getting a little bored. If anyone has any chants that they are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it :-)

17th January 2006

morningdove320212:25pm: Intro
Hey, I'm a Chant Whore too, I love them, and I love using them in ritual. I know alot of people are shy about singing in ritual, but it's realy not about how well you sing, it's about the energy raised! Don't be afraid to hum along if you don't know the words!

I'v been searching for a Chant about Athena, I have written one, but I want to see what else is out there. I'm not done with my Athena chant, but I'll post it when I am! I've been curious to know what ancient greek music might have sounded like in general....can anyone point me to some sources?


14th July 2005

renatria7:39pm: Introducing me. . .
Hi all, I'm Rebecca, and I'm a chant addict, no really, right now my mp3 player is full of ones I know and don't know (so I can know them) and I have binders full of music/lyrics for Pagan chant and songs. . .

One of my favorite chants that I've not seen mentioned here is a Reclaiming chant (recorded on Second Chants) called Awakenings

If I touch you I will know you
though my veil be drawn your glowing
in my mind and soul and body

Serpentine music has a clip of it. I think its a wonderful chant, a reminder that the Mother is aware and watching us, even when we don't see Her.

Currently I'm trying to find as many different chants that work with the Goddess medley (Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna) for a perfomance next month. We're going to be doing Charlie Murphy's Burning Times (among other Pagan songs) and want to go from there into some chants, We're already planning on "We all come from the Goddess" "Hoof and Horn" and "We are an Old People"

oblyvia11:22am: New Community
dailypaganchat So that pagans from all over can come together and chat about anything and everything!

10th March 2005



35 PIX!Collapse )

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30th January 2005

moontidemelody10:01am: Sharing an Imbolc chant
My Traditions take on Imbolc is a bit different than most. Our take on Imbolc is about issue resolution & shadow confrontation. So here is a little chant that I recently wrote.

Into the cauldron deep I go,
Sitting at the center of my shadow.
Armed with courage,
Armed with strength.
Ready to confront,
Ready to name.

Into the labyrinth deep I go,
Spiraling inward myself to know.
Sure of purpose,
Sure of will.
My shadow to confront,
Potential to fulfill.

© Sharone Farrar
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29th January 2005

ms_lorelei10:42pm: New song!!
Sometimes I am better at adaptation than new creation. However, I am really pleased with THIS!

For those of you who know Emerald Rose, they have a kick-butt song called Freya Shakti. You can hear it here. Wispfox brought this song to our attention at Twilight Covening, and we all fell in love with it.

Equalist that I am, today I came up with the God version. Let me know what you think.

Herne, Odin
(Freya Shakti)

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir
Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir

High, raising up the Horned One,
Oh, fill my soul
High, raising up the spirit
Oh, make me whole

He is the strength of the Sun at the Solstice,
He is the Oak in the acorn seed
Sound of his heart like the thunder of hoofbeats
Call of the spirit of Nature freed

I know a man who is Hunter and Hunted,
Giving his life as the Wheel turns on
He is the grain that is cut for the Harvest,
He is the hope of the newborn Fawn

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos....

Freya Shakti © Emerald Rose
Herne Odin (God arrangement) © LSG, 1/28/05, 10:41 pm
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30th November 2004

airneail11:15pm: Lyrics Question

I'd like to perform the paganized version of Doug MacLean's "Babylon" in a week or so at a Yule celebration. The only problem is that I'm not 100% on the words nor do I know who sang it.

This is what I remember (foolishly I did not write it down..)

By the moon, the moon of Hecate
She shines down in silver, in silver, in silver gray.
She is changing, she is changing, she is changing everyday.

Does anyone know if this is correct? Or who I should give credit to?


10th November 2004

afbrien10:38am: Merry meet!
Hi, I'm Amber and have just joined Chant Whores. :-) I have a chant to share with you.

I attended Twilight Covening this year for the first time and learned a new chant - well, not really "new", but three chants put together to create a neato *mega* chant ;-)
These are the three chants:
1. Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit.
2. We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.
3. We are one with the soul of the Earth, Mother Earth.

#1 was a more up-tempo, so in combining the two chants #1 is repeated twice throughout the entirety of #2 and #3 (#3 is a pretty slow chant). So, you would start with "Earth my body" in unison with "We all come". Start "We are one" after a beat, so it's a little delayed. "Fire my spirit" would fall with "we shall return" and "soul of". Then, repeat #1 and all chants should end together. I hope that all makes sense.

Anyway, blessings to all!
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2nd November 2004

daniellec12:18am: i'm posting this in every community i belong to.
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22nd October 2004

chrestomanci_041:26pm: newbie
Merry Meet!
This is my first post here, so I thought I should just introduce myself! I am 18 and an ecclectic Wiccan with a tinge of Celtic influence that has been studying for around 4-5 years. Well, sometime soon I shall post some of the chants that I have written, but until then, Blessed be :)

16th October 2004

airneail11:15am: Got this from a new friend at Twilight Covening last weekend. (I wonder if she's joined this yet?)

Thought it was beautiful and wanted to pass it on. You can find the lyrics and information about the band/songwriter at www.emeraldrose.com

all lyrics (c) Emerald Rose 1998-2004 except where noted

Freya, Shakti
An invocation to the Goddess in her many forms and faces throughout the world.

Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon,
Rhea, Maat, the Morrigan
Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon,
Rhea, Maat, the Morrigan

High, raising up the Goddess
Oh, fill my soul
High, raising up the spirit
Oh, make me whole

She is a woman crowned with a crescent
She is the mother of all that lives
She is the Earth that is spinning in starlight
She is the Goddess of all that is

I know a woman stirring a cauldron
She is the source of the heart's deep core
I love a maiden dancing in moonlight
She is the key to the ancient lore

Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon...

5th September 2004

jessycat_techie6:42pm: hi. first time posting here.
found this website today and thought y'all might be interested in some of the chants.

31st August 2004

karnil3:51am: Samhain chants anyone?
merry meet -- my first post here =)

Does anyone out there know of any good Samhain chants? Or call-and-responses for that cross-quarter holiday...

With or without music will do, as music comes to me if it's not attached to a chant already =)

Thanks in advance!
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