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Just saying hi for the 1st time

Hi, first and foremost I hope everyone had a good Imbolc, secondly I would like to apologise for cross posting, there are a lot of Wiccan and Witchcraft communities on here and I hadn’t realised.

I just wanted to introduce my self before going any further. I am a volunteer for a Witchcraft & Wicca organisation called ‘The Children of Artemis’ who run events in the UK called ‘Witchfest’ and the also produce an informative magazine twice a year called ‘Witchcraft & Wicca’.

I have literally just created an LJ account just so I can spread the word of this non-profit organisation and the other things they do, as they have done so much for me and my friends in the past 4 years, and their events I find have a wide taste range but are great fun and even I learn stuff.

Anyway getting to the point, I will generally just be posting about their events, any open rituals/gatherings/workshops they are doing and also any promo stuff they have going online, they have there own website/forum and shop etc…

If you think this is NOT acceptable information for your community and you do mind me posting, please let me know and I’ll leave the community. But feel free to add me as a friend for updates if your interested.

I promise to LJ cut my posts and give you as much information as possible and I’ll also try to reply to any questions I can answer.
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Cool! I've been a member of this community for about two months, and yours is the first post! :)

Do you have a website for your organization/magizine?
Yeah all the details are on my info page but for you

the forums - http://www.witchcraft.org
the events - http://www.witchfest.net

and for the shop lol - http://www.witchshop.org

hope you like it
This IS a very quiet list... not many of us are writing new chants these days, I guess. :o)
hey thanks for the welcome, if i can atleast get people talking to each other and not neccesarily about the post then it's a start.
Mostly I'm learning my coven's chants...one coven member has been using a program called "Garage Band" to get the music on CD for us. His most recent work is a cd of Ostara music. It's not for sale or anything like that, and it's not original, though the arrangements might be.
currently i'm not in a coven, i'm too solitary atm though i do attende a few gatherings and have a good chat aboutstuff...i wouldn't say i'm experienced cos i'm not i'm just starting out with regadrs to the majority of the wicca religion.....but i've had an interest since i was an early teen.
I joined a couple of months ago, but there was no one here for a long time. I'm a Solitary as well, and have been a practicing Witch since 1984. Glad to see someone here now. Blessed be!
i personally used to do a few spells when i was younger...but we're talking about 11-12 ish i wasn't sure of my actualy path i just knew i liked nature and mythology and astrology etc....a friend of mine started doing some tarot on me and it got me thinking of what else there was....

now a days i don't have a lot of time to do stuff but i do still celebrate the festivals and i'll never get enough of the moon and nature itself...

still not entierly sure if i have a path...i just seem to exist, but i do what i can for the environment by recycling etc..