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New song!!

Sometimes I am better at adaptation than new creation. However, I am really pleased with THIS!

For those of you who know Emerald Rose, they have a kick-butt song called Freya Shakti. You can hear it here. Wispfox brought this song to our attention at Twilight Covening, and we all fell in love with it.

Equalist that I am, today I came up with the God version. Let me know what you think.

Herne, Odin
(Freya Shakti)

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir
Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir

High, raising up the Horned One,
Oh, fill my soul
High, raising up the spirit
Oh, make me whole

He is the strength of the Sun at the Solstice,
He is the Oak in the acorn seed
Sound of his heart like the thunder of hoofbeats
Call of the spirit of Nature freed

I know a man who is Hunter and Hunted,
Giving his life as the Wheel turns on
He is the grain that is cut for the Harvest,
He is the hope of the newborn Fawn

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos....

Freya Shakti © Emerald Rose
Herne Odin (God arrangement) © LSG, 1/28/05, 10:41 pm
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This is one of my favorite songs -- and you did a fantastic job with the Gods version. Well done! Beautiful imagery!
Thanks! I worked really hard not to make it trite. The second verse gives me chills every time. :o)
You ask and the Goddess gives!
I have been looking for an accompanying God chant for this to sing at a friends wedding!

If you need pronounciations, let me know :o)
I think it phonetically goes this way:
Heyrnay, Ohdin, Ahtoom, Kernoonohs,
Vishnoo, Zoos, Mahnahnaan Mac Leer.

Is that right? It looks so silly written phonetically!


13 years ago

Hey Ms. Lorelei,
I got your chantbook at Rites this year - great idea putting it in a folder, I'm already adding pages to it.

The Emerald Rose version of this song is great. thanks for the link!

And thanks for hanging out with us for a bit at Tribes 3. Nice personal mini concert you gave us!
*laugh* You are most welcome! I've never just come in and given entertainment like that. Believe it or not I am very shy (quit laughing).
I think that's actually rather common with performers. I was talking with belly dancer from the Boston area who's been performing/teaching since the 1960's, and who's performance style is totally in-your-face & fresh! (I love this woman!) But she says out of her costume she'd rather die than say a word in a crowded room.

Your singing says everything you're too shy to say. :-)
Freya Shakti is one of my most fav. goddess songs---you should contact the guys with your God arrangement. there is a really good chance that they would like it as well----great job :)
Thanks! Actually I did email all of the band members weeks ago, but haven't heard back. They ARE busy touring, after all.
if you don't mind, i am going to snag this and add it to my BOS as well as pass it around to friends. do you have a specific tag that you would like for me to add beneath it for anyone that i pass it along to?


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

That is AWSOME! BTW, I'm a big fan of Pan Pipe's chant page as well. The CD they have, The Dream Whose Time Has Come is fantastic!

If you don't mind, can I share you equalist lyrics with Pan Pipes? I'll be sure to site you as the source....

You certainly can. Appropriate credit is all I ask. :o)